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About Us


Our team consists of dedicated and nurturing teachers who are committed to the best foreign language education for children and adults. Our teachers strive daily to bring to life, the potential of each student to learn a foreign language naturally. Our team represents diverse national cultural backgrounds. We are passionate educators and administrators who bring years of experience teaching all ages, from pre-school through high school and into adulthood. Many of us grew up bilingual and understand the value and importance of learning a second, third, or even a fourth language at an early age. All of us recognize the importance of teaching a foreign language in our increasingly global marketplace. We are currently offering Spanish, French, and German immersion classes and we will be happy to send our teachers to your daycare location to provide the lessons. If you have ever been interested in learning a second language, we also offer adult classes at our Center in Hendersonville for Spanish, French, German and Italian. (Be sure to ask about group discounts for businesses and mission teams.) Immersion classes as well as classes for children of all ages are also available at our Center.




“Our purpose is to provide a fun and positive educational experience for children and adults that is conducive to learning a different language.”


* SLLC supports the idea that the only way to achieve fluency and develop a more natural accent in any a second language, is by starting language acquisition EARLY.* We believe in the importance of maintaining consistent parent-teacher communication throughout the school year.* We believe in developing a life-long interest and pleasure in using and learning foreign languages. * We believe in developing positive and sensitive attitudes toward diverse cultures and people.* We believe second language acquisition will help students to understand and be able to use his/her native language better.




1.   We believe that children learn the most when they are having fun, and when learning is exciting for them. Therefore we construct our curriculum around activities that children enjoy such as games, music, and art.


2.  Our teachers are provided with ongoing support, supervision, and training from our SLLC office


3.  We have an extensive library of resources at our teachers’ disposal so that they can supplement any lessons as they see fit.

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