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After School Care Program

We are excited this year to introduce our afterschool program at our main location here at 177 Old Shackle Island Road.  We will be providing transportation and picking up your child when school is dismissed in our new school bus which will have our Spanish & Language Learning Center insignia on the side of the bus so your child knows where to come when school is out and transport your child back to our main building on Old Shackle Island Road.  The children will also be provided with a nutritious snack during the time that they are at the center each day.




-Afternoon snack

-Homework tutoring 

-Reading Comprehension and Math tutoring

-Immersion Spanish Classes 

-Chinese Classes

-Dance lessons 

-Yoga Classes

-Music Classes

-Outdoor play 

-Arts & crafts

-Painting on Canvas Classes





The program will run from Monday through Friday of each week. 


 $30 registration fee is REQUIRED for every child 

All of the children that sign up for the 5 days per week program will be have 30 minutes of Spanish classes every day. We will also have scheduled game time with the children where the children will be participating in games where they will be using Spanish.    All of the children will be supervised by members of our staff and the children will be playing together in age-appropriate rooms with children their own age. 


Additional services included in our aftercare program:


  • 30 minutes of homework help every day

  • Nutritional snacks

  • Enrichment activities tied into school day curriculum

  • 30 minutes of Spanish Immersion classes twice a week

  • Free Play Time 

  • Use of our SMART Board for Spanish lessons


We hope you will find our afterschool program truly to be a beneficial experience where we will continue to instill a love of learning Spanish in your child.


We look forward to seeing you and having your child be a part of our continuing learning experience.


**Please call us at (615) 822-3558 for current pricing information or email us at **


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