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Programs & Services

​Young Children's Program (Ages 2-5)

Our language programs are customized for each age group.  The Spanish & Language Learning Center offers immersion classes to children ages 2-5.  Children learn to speak the language through full immersion in the target language.  This is the most natural way to learn a language at this age.  They learn to draw meaning of words from context, just as they have done in their native language.  Vocabulary, phonics, and grammar are taught through a variety of activities including songs, games, storytelling, repetition, oral drills, and arts and crafts.

Children's Classes

For older children at the elementary and middle school levels, our classes are divided by grade for Spanish and Chinese. We meet for an hour once a week for 7 weeks after school.  The classes integrates speaking, listening, comprehension, reading, and writing skills.

We also offer classes during the day starting at 9:30 a.m. for children who are home schooled.



The Spanish & Language Learning Center offers tutoring to students of all ages who need additional help with their language courses at school. You may meet with our teachers on a regular basis, or as needed to prepare for upcoming exams, projects, and presentations.

After School Program

SLLC offers after school programs for young children designed to involve them in the learning process through active, fun language acquisition. Our multi-sensory approach (visual, auditory, and physical practice) appeals to all types of learners. One of our goals is to encourage lifelong learning by offering quality language programs to our students. Small groups provide children with personal attention and promote successful learning.


The Spanish & Language Learning Center provides simultaneous or consecutive interpretation on an "as needed" basis.  Individual or large group interpreting is offered at the location that is most convenient for each client.  These services are frequently used for conferences or meetings.  Simultaneous interpreting requires the linguist to translate what the speaker is saying at that very moment.


Our Language Center can provide translation to/from English as well to/from Spanish and Chinese. Our staff members have current bilingual training and proficiency including the skills and knowledge necessary for interpretation and translation.

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