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Our Staff

Susy Heaton

Program Director/Spanish Teacher

Born and raised in Peru, Susy moved to the US in ----. 

Sara Ramos

Educational Curriculum Coordinator/Spanish Teacher


Anyelit Arila

Spanish Teacher/Aftercare Assistant

Born and raised in Venezuela, Anyelit moved to the US in 2016. She received her license of education from the University of Carabobo, Venezuela in 2006 where she specialized in Educational Psycology. With thirteen years of experience working as an educational and behavioral counselor, Anyelit has work with across different education levels. Her primary and current work focuses on elementary age children.

Zen Tu

Chinese Teacher


Marie Crague

Aftercare Coordinator

Mother of two children and grandmother of one. Marie was raised in Nashville, TN and grew up with Sign Language (ASL) as her primary form of communication. Marie has more than twenty years of experience working in childcare. During her many years working for Kids Castle, she gain experience working with all age groups.

Alaura Crague

Aftercare Assistant

Mother of to a beautiful little girl, Alaura loves work with young children.  

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